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Minimally Invasive Surgery & Temis Radio Frequency

Are you in need of minimally invasive surgery and looking for a female doctor near the Manhattan, NY vicinity? Stephanie Buck-Haskin MDPC serves Manhattan, Sussex, Nassau and all other nearby areas. When you want to avoid pain and discomfort after surgery, getting a minimally invasive surgery is an excellent option for you. With this innovative option, you don’t have to worry about getting a surgical procedure.


Nowadays, non-invasive surgical procedures are more convenient and designed to be less complicated. This is a good way for you to experience less downtime from work, and you also have the benefit of being able to return to your normal activities faster. Patients nowadays are more interested in surgical techniques which involve less scarring, as well as a shorter hospital stay. You’re guaranteed that the minimally invasive surgical procedure will be performed in an accurate manner, and there will also be less tissue damage. With the emergence of so many non-invasive surgical options, you will have an easier time getting the proper care that is tailored to your special needs.

There are many safe medical techniques can be used to improve the state of your health. If you’re searching for a female doctor that is skilled at using temis radio frequency technology, you can rely on Stephanie Buck-Haskin MDPC. When you’re in need of an accurate temis radiofrequency treatment, you have a good chance of obtaining positive results with this professional. Radio frequency is a safe, non-surgical option that is convenient for patients. If you want to eliminate your worries, you can rely on a leading professional doctor that knows how to care for you. 

Whether you live in Manhattan, Sussex or another nearby community, get started on your non-invasive procedure by contacting Stephanie Buck-Haskin MDPC. For more information about getting a medical service from her, visit

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