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Northwell Health Services & Obstetrician

Are you looking for northwell health services located near the Sussex, NY vicinity? Did you know that you can contact a reputable female doctor from nearby? Stephanie Buck-Haskin MDPC is the right professional doctor that is dedicated to the gynecological needs of her patients. She serves Sussex, Nassau, Brooklyn and all other nearby areas. By relying on the most reputable northwell health services, you will have more confidence about your health status.


At some point in your life, you will have to consult with a gynecologist. Even if you don’t think it’s necessary to make an appointment with a doctor, it is still important for you to have knowledge of your reproductive health. You may have a situation in your life where you will need to have a certain health issue properly addressed. Instead of ignoring your symptoms, it is more practical for you to get an exam from a qualified doctor that is committed to your wellbeing. A doctor will utilize the right approach to ensure that you obtain an accurate diagnosis. 

Are you searching for the best health services? Stephanie Buck-Haskin MDPC is a leading obstetrician that you can trust when you’re in need of advanced fetal monitoring throughout the stages of your pregnancy. If this is your first time using the services of this obstetrician, you will find that you’re making the right decision. She is highly skilled in managing complicated situations and using the latest innovative technologies that are designed for your health. If you’re concerned about avoiding high-risk issues, it is crucial for you to schedule an appointment right away with this doctor. 

Whether you live in Sussex, Nassau or another nearby community, get the compassionate care that you’re looking for by using the services of Stephanie Buck-Haskin MDPC. Visit her site at

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